Blue Jeans, White Shirt…

Posted on: June 12th, 2012 by Terri

In honour of our newbie Blog and to continue with our theme of FIRSTS, today’s post is about a First Crush.

We’ve all been there, dreaming idly out of the classroom window during Maths with Mr.Rye yabbering on about equations.

Thinking back, its hard to choose, there were so many! (I’m that kinda gal)

But I think I’ll pluck for the original rebel without a cause, James Dean.

His sexual screen presence in Giant, 1955, was almost too much to take.  That cowboy hat, dishevelled hair and cigarette hanging nonchalantly from his perfect lips was about as close to heaven for his female fans as you could get.

A short-lived Hollywood career, only 3 major film roles to his name, then his fast paced lifestyle caught up with him and in Hollywood bad boy style, he was tragically killed in a car crash aged only 24.

Yet his impact and legacy have been huge throughout history and popular culture.  He is an iconic legend and one hell of a sexy man, swoon!

For your viewing pleasure…Please take a second to appreciate the beautiful James Dean from my favourite role of his, as Jett in Giant.

Warning- may cause hot flushes, hysteria and possible fainting and we cannot be held responsible.


James Dean in Giant 1955