Happy Birthday Blog. Marilyn’s Wiggle!

Posted on: May 20th, 2012 by Terri

Hello and welcome!

Happy Birth Day to our little Friskin Blog, I hope today will be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Frisking the Whiskers is all about dressing up, having fun and celebrating the beauty of a by gone era.

This blog will endeavour to honour and celebrate the Glamorous, the Icons, the Quirky, the Silver Screen, the Kitsch and all things VINTAGE!

To celebrate our first day of blogging this weeks posts will all be about FIRSTS!

First Movie Role.  Marilyn’s that is, not mine.

I think there is quite possibly a video out there of my singing in a school talent show but, alas, its not movie standard.

Aside from that, Marilyn Monroe and I are practically the same person, my attractiveness knows no bounds, woe is me to live with such a beautiful face.

The world’s biggest sex symbol (Marilyn, not me) made her movie debut in 1947 in ‘The Shocking Miss Pilgrim’ with an uncredited role as a telephone operator.  Monroe made her break through however in 1952, with four commercially successful movies that year, including a starring role in ‘Don’t Bother to Knock.’

However, arguably, her first notable film role came in the 1953 Film Noir, ‘Niagara.’

Cast as a femme fatale, this movie saw Marilyn establish what would become her trademark look.  The film was a success but the majority of reviews focussed on Marilyn’s overtly sexual performance and damn could that girl ooze sex appeal.

Her ‘sex-bomb’ persona was firmly established, she became a household name thereafter and the rest, as they say, is history!

If you’re quick, check out the Marilyn Exhibition at The Getty Images Gallery, London, ending the 23rd of May.

I headed down a couple weeks ago and spent an inspiring hour looking though beautiful photography and admiring some amazing costumes from her movies, including the sensual ‘wiggle dress’ from Niagara that fitted her curves perfectly.

Almost 50 years on from her death and she’s still the most famous woman on the planet, a beauty that has yet to be eclipsed and a total enigma.